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Viridian Review – Green Energy Company – Power with Purpose

Viridian Review – A Green Energy Company

ViridianThis Viridian Energy review is an unbiased overview about the company. Many Viridian complaint reports don’t mention that it is a legitimate company, listed in the DSN 100 Global Rankings as a Top Direct Selling Company. In June 2012, the Direct Selling Association recognized Viridian with the ETHOS Rising Star Award. These Viridian scam reports are typically written by unsuccessful associates or unhappy customers.

Viridian Brief History

Viridian’s founder and CEO, Michael Fallquist, started the green energy company in March 2009 with a unique purpose – to change the way customers see green energy and change the industry itself.

Viridian believes that green energy doesn’t have to cost more and offer customers a full portfolio of responsible energy options: electricity from renewable sources, natural gas that mitigates emissions through carbon offsets and affordable solar power for homes. They service residential and commercial customers and a network of Independent Associates who represent their products.

viridian2012 was an important year – Viridian’s founder and CEO, Michael Fallquist, was honored as a regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In the fall of 2012, “Viridian” became part of the Crius Energy family of brands. Crius is an industry leader of energy innovation.

Energy Deregulation and Opportunities in the $500 Billion Dollar Industry

There are many opportunities in the deregulated energy industry and green energy options reduce both energy costs and the impact of energy consumption on the environment.Viridian offers green energy services which can reduce electric bills by as much as 20%. The company also sells solar and wind turbine kits which are 100% green for the consumer.

Viridian Green Energy and Higher Standards
The company’s energy products are supplied at 50% above the State requirements. They supply the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), but also buy Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs (pronounced “recks”) for 50% of their customer’s usage. RECs can be produced by sources such as massive wind farms or solar arrays on residential garages. One REC is issued for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy produced. For more technical information, check out it’s annual Sustainability Report on the website.

The company has a strong Northeastern US presence. Viridian launched it’s services in Connecticut in 2009 and now offers residential and commercial electricity and/or natural gas service in nine states including Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington DC. Solar is available in six markets with plans to continue to expand.


How Do You Get Started With Viridian Energy?

The enrollment fee as a nationwide Viridian Energy Independent Consultant is $299 .This is listed on their website and could be an update from the former cost of $399. A single state associate fee is $199. There is a monthly fee to support a personalized website and company training materials and an annual fee for business licenses & relevant products for consultants.

How Do You Make Money With Viridian Energy?

Marketing, sales and team building. This requires hard work and consistent massive action to build your customer base large enough to generate residual income. There are 9 ways to earn with Viridian – Fast Start Bonus, Mentor Bonus, Residual Pay, Rank Advancement Bonus, Audi Car Program, Promotional pay and others..

  • As a Viridian Energy Associate, you are compensated for every energy customer you sign up, and a monthly commission residual income, as your customers continue to save up to 20% on their current electricity bill.
    Keep in mind that the primary product and service is green energy and that can be limiting.
  • You’ll be rewarded when you sponsor others to become Viridian Energy Associates, build a team and also for the customers your team signs up.
  • As an independent associate you will earn profits of 10% to 15% on products sold and up to 20% on monthly services used by your consumers.

The best way to succeed with this business opportunity is to sign up consumers in monthly services and build at least a 100 active members team.

How Can You Succeed in Viridian Energy?


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Ultimately, your success will heavily depend on your ability to use effective marketing techniques so you can brand yourself and generate leads to sponsor new people and customers into your business.

Since green energy is the core product, you need to find targeted, pre-qualified prospects who are really concerned about the environment.
The internet is a great source for global warming and clean energy advocates who want to go green.

My suggestion is to use an online Attraction Marketing system that combines internet leads generation and effective offline techniques for marketing and sales, because these energy sign-ups requires special attention.

This is a numbers game and family, friends and colleagues alone will not sustain your business.Too many people join Viridian Energy and fail because they lack a real plan of action, especially for a specialized product like green energy. Your company will teach you sales tactics, you’ve got to get out and learn online marketing.That is the reason you will see these rip-off reports and complaints from those who have failed.

Final Thoughts:

Based on my resolution to NOT promote any Attraction Marketing System, please do your research as there are so many internet marketing programs on the internet to teach you to generate leads, internet marketing strategies and maybe, generate cash flow by promoting their system.

Magnetic Sponsoring, My Lead System Pro (MLSP), Elite Marketing Pro, Power Lead System, Empower Network (EN) and the many affiliated platforms based on EN like Pure Leverage, The Big Idea, etc are good starting points.
Be cautious – Many of them push hard up-sells and my advice would be to FIRST get the education you need, at the least cost to your business.

I hope this Viridian review has given you the information needed to make a good decision about this company. But then you’ve got to get busy with massive, consistent action using proven systems and strategies.

Network Marketers have the same problem – LEADS. People to sign-up or talk to. Learn Internet and Online Marketing and NEVER run out of people to sponsor and recruit. You can learn how to recruit online and build a successful business.

* Please always check the company’s website for any updates on requirements and compensation plans.

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