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Top MLM Networking Companies in the $100 Million Club.

Top MLM Networking Companies Not Ranked by DSN – The $100 Million Club.

Top MLM Networking CompaniesWhich Top MLM Networking Companies are not ranked but in the $100 Million Club and what does that mean?

The fact is that the Direct Selling Network (DSN) Global 100 only applies a ranking to top mlm networking companies that submit a Revenue Certification Form (RCF) signed by the CEO or CFO of the company which reports the net revenue before commissions are paid and without any value added tax.

The standardized reporting presents a profile and a clear picture of the top mlm networking companies and their performance.

You may have checked out the  57 Top MLM Companies in the US and Canada and World’s Top 100 Successful MLM and Network Companies posts and some of you may not have seen your company listed. Don’t panic –  check below to see if they are listed in the $100 Million Club.

The $100 Million Club for Top MLM Networking Companies

One of the reasons why some top mlm networking companies are not ranked or listed on the DSN Global 100, is because they did not submit a valid RCF, or the verifiable data of their revenues were not available. Instead of ranking them, DSN lists these companies in the $100 Million Club since it is believed that their global wholesale revenue for the preceding year was in excess of $100M.

Here is the current list of the Top MLM Network marketing companies in the $100M Club:

Aerus Holdings Inc. LLC USA Lux International Switzerland
Ardyss International USA Melaleuca Inc. USA
Bofrost Germany Miki Corp. Japan
Cambridge Weight Plan United Kingdom MonaVie LLC USA
CUTCO Cutlery (Vector Marketing) USA Naturally Plus Co. Ltd. Japan
Deesse Switzerland NSA Juice Plus+ USA
Diana Co. Ltd. Japan Omnilife Mexico
Eismann Germany Pola Inc. Japan
ERINA Co., Inc. Japan Premier Designs USA
Forever Living Products USA Stampin’ Up! USA
Four Leaf Japan Co./Forifu Japan Japan Stella & Dot USA
Infinitus China Sunrider USA
Jewels by Park Lane USA SwissJust Switzerland
Kirby Company USA Tahitian Noni International USA
K-Link Malaysia Tiens/Tianshi China
Koyo-sha Japan Unicity Networks International USA
LegalShield USA Winalite China
LG Household & Health Care South Korea XANGO USA
lia sophia USA Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd. Japan
Longaberger Co. USA Yofoto China

Why Network Marketing and Have You Set Up Shop Online?

top mlm networking companiesNetwork Marketing has always been about sharing products or services with friends and family, which is why it seems everyone can do it. Right?

Wrong!  Most people do not have the prerequisite sales or marketing training and experience to turn this from a hobby to an actual business. Your company can teach you sales strategies but not marketing. They set up a replicated online business store window, without the access or authority to tweak it and so you have to learn how to promote it correctly and drive traffic to it, so that it is NOT  a lonely, static spot in cyberspace.

Which is why you need to create an online interface to attract people to you and also where you can review products and services you want to sell.

Technology and social media has completely transformed the industry and while some top mlm networking companies want to restrict you to the warm market of only family and friends, they have closed their eyes to the fact that this is not the stone age  and today, we use social media like Facebook and Twitter to connect more than we pick up the phone or talk to people!

Network marketing is one of the few business models that has bridged the gap between social selling and offline social marketing. To become successful, you have to learn internet marketing and more importantly, Attraction Marketing and how to generate leads for your business online.

Becoming as Successful as one of these Top MLM Networking Companies.

Here’s something to think about: To be successful in one of these  top mlm networking companies, you need at least a team of 100 active members and 100’s of customers. If you can actually come up with a list of 100 team members, here is what typically happens:
85% will do absolutely nothing
12% will sign up a few people
3% will be serious enough to help you build a business

Can you imagine the sheer number of people you need to build your 100 active member team? Where do you find them? This is the 21st century, not 1850. Any serious marketer today NEEDS an internet presence because that’s where the you’ll find your target market for sales and attract recruits, people don’t join any of these top mlm networking companies, they join YOU.

In this economy, People are literally searching online for terms like work at home, make money from home, home business ideas etc, and if you do NOT have:

  • An online marketing funnel to generate traffic, leads and sales to grow your business, or
  • An internet marketing system to learn sales and marketing skills, you will be wasting your time and money pitching to people who are not “pre-qualified” and have absolutely NO interest in your offer, you’ll be among the 97% of marketers who will eventually run out of steam, get frustrated and quit.

top mlm networking companiesHere is Your Call to Action:

Based on my resolution to NOT promote any Attraction Marketing System, please do your research as there are so many internet marketing programs on the internet to teach you to generate leads, internet marketing strategies and maybe, generate cash flow by promoting their system.

Magnetic Sponsoring, My Lead System Pro (MLSP), Elite Marketing Pro, Power Lead System, Empower Network (EN) and the many affiliated platforms based on EN like Pure Leverage, The Big Idea, etc are good starting points. 

Be cautious – Many of them push hard up-sells and my advice would be to FIRST get the education you need at the least cost to your business

Marketers have the same problem – LEADS. People to sign-up or talk to. Learn Internet and Online Marketing and with that skill, you’ll NEVER run out of people to sponsor and recruit. That’s how to build a successful marketing  business in any of these top mlm network marketing companies.

* Please always check the company’s website for any updates on rankings.

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