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Starting a Home-Based Business – Dad’s Parting Gift

Starting a home-based business

Starting a Home-Based Business…Free At Last!

Starting a Home-Based Business – The Catalyst!

My entrepreneurial adventure all started when I realized that my pay check was not going to cover my Dad’s burial expenses. I was pitiful and wallowing in a deep sense of inadequacy. It was an event that no matter how long I had to prepare for it, my J.O.B couldn’t do anything for me. I had procrastinated for years, but with reality staring me in the face, I decided that I would immediately be starting a home-based business.

Robert Allen in his bestselling book, Multiple Streams of Income said that, “All opportunities are disguised as problems…Your ultimate goal is to acquire ownership of a generous source of income which flows to you regardless of your job.”

So starting a home-based business and some affiliate marketing right from my home was tough. I had been a “professional employee”  for decades that my mindset was far from a business or entrepreneurial way of thinking. It was foreign like a second language.  My schedule got crazy because juggling my responsibilities required the discipline of a marine corporal and the same work ethic that made me an award-wining employee.

Hope is always peeking behind the Clouds!

For anyone out there considering starting a home-based business, that you are thinking about it means that you should just do it!

I figured it was time to start building my own dreams. There are  smart money-making opportunities when we get nudged either by life or our choices into starting a home-based business. They are all around us – with technology , the new marketplace, we can take advantage of them from the comfort of our homes and your local SBA has ideas, guidelines and online courses for new entrepreneurs. At first I struggled, but I learnt Attraction Marketing and that made all the difference and helped me make some money online.

Mindset Development is Mandatory

Starting a Home-based business

Mindset & Synergy

A word of a caution: A business is NOT a job. There are risks involved, you’ve got to be smart about your choices, get your head in the game and CRUSH IT daily. Now that you are starting a home based business, here are some mindset tips for success:

  • Starting a home-based business with ONE marketing strategy at a time helps you avoid the “shiny ball syndrome”. Once mastered you can incorporate other supporting and congruent ideas. That way you can track what is working and not spread yourself too thin.
  • Be clear about your purpose and goals – expect to face anxiety, impatience and resistance. These monsters always show up when you are trying move your life to another level. But your ‘why’ will keep your focused so that you don’t take short-cuts and make poor business decisions.
  • Check your character meter and develop an emotional state aligned with producing the results you want and doing the work. Think about what you want to attract or manifest, have visuals and posters if necessary. (Tony Robbins is a master at this)
  • You’ve got to win inside first. Get business mindset resources from leaders in your field, adopt and practice a winner’s mindset.

Goals To Set When Starting a Home-based Business

  • Have a plan – Set Goals Daily, Weekly, Monthly Goals – Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • Find a Support Group  – No man is an island, there is nothing as powerful as Synergy. Find people in your field, heading in the right direction and join them. It will save you years of struggle, mistakes and money.
  • Your activities determine your productivity – so spend at least 85-90% of your time on actual Money Making Activities. That varies in every business, so you’ve got to understand your niche. For me I have to spend my time in producing content, writing, driving traffic to my proposals and following up with prospects.
  • Avoid distractions – Social media, Neighbors, TV, Phone calls and remember that emails don’t make money, so except you are sending them out to your list, don’t check it every hour. Have pre-written scripts that you can customize for all your communication.
  • Manage yourself in time – one of my mentors said that “Time Management” is a misnomer ! We’ve all got the same 24 hours a day  – that never changes, so set your routines for work, breaks, exercise, breaks and take time everyday for mindset development or spiritual refreshment.
  • Connect with Your Prospect or Leads on the same day, set up an auto-responder that will go out immediately, then you can follow-up with a personal email or call. Spend at least 2 hours a day connecting with your team and prospects.
  • Live a balanced life – take time out for friends and family. At the end of life, your business will NOT be holding your hands, it will be your loved ones… so be present and be kind.

“Regardless of our reasons for “starting a home-based business”, the opportunity to develop money-making skills and generate extra income for our family fosters self-sufficiency and helps activate those dormant skills and nudges we’ve been ignoring.”AD

My Final Thoughts on This Grand Adventure…

Starting a Home-based Business

Thanks Dad!

Last year when I got that phone call informing me of my dad’s passing, I had no idea that the pressure and high cost of saying goodbye would push me into starting a home-based business and turn me into an entrepreneur.

Every time I register a sale, receive a bonus check in the mail or add new subscribers on my blogs,  I imagine him winking at me, happy that his parting was a gift that propelled me toward searching for financial freedom, by starting a home-based business.

Even though I did not reach my burial expense goal and I struggled for a while, I stayed focused. I did my research and in my marketing field, I got help. My financial outlook has been forever changed by the decisions I made during that sad and desperate period in my life.

Now I have a phone app that does not stop chiming, and one could say that’s a good problem to have. Starting a home-based business part-time because of my huge travel and dad’s burial expenses was my initial reason, but I got so much more out of it — the ability to take care of my family and options for a financial future not tied to a job or paycheck…Thank you, Dad!

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  1. Love this article. How do you generate leads? I just started in 5linx and don’t know anything about network marketing or making these pages everyone has.

    • Hi Steph, Congratulations! Leads? You’ve got to learn internet marketing and grind daily. It’s a jungle out there. I’m more focused on my consulting and writing now. Read some other articles for details and I wish you the best!

    • Right here…SEO. This is an information hub though.