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Social Selling and Social Media Tips

Social selling and social-media-419944_640Social Selling – What does that mean?

Social Selling integrates business with the internet and social media sites which have become conduits and arenas for building new relationships, business partners and give open access to mentorship and information.  Today, we are inundated with advertisement and all kinds of offers that invade our social space as companies and their sales representatives take full advantage of the new trend of “social selling.”

Social Selling has radically changed the face and nature of business, the marketing industry and how end-users influence decisions.
We are now invited to vote on flavors, decide product configurations etc, essentially the exclusive test-groups now includes the entire world.

The New Language of Social Media

We are communicating and building relationships more than ever  with the proliferation of the many social media options and information sharing sites. Now we have constant conversations and shaping behavior on social platforms of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube etc. Our world has expanded and we are technologically connected to friends of friends and a vast number of people we could potential come to know… even men are connecting and talking!

Corporations are busy talking too…sometimes right in our faces and in-boxes. They are pushy trying to turn “likes” into dollars but most get help from new social media consultancy firms to cope with the growing demand of business to connect, share and take full advantage of this relatively cheaper medium of connecting with their customers or find new loyal ones.

Social selling also has it’s own language: Likes, follows, unfollows, circle, dm-direct message, @- mention, tweets and retweets , embed, shares and going viral. Social selling is no longer an option; it’s an absolute necessity in business and marketing as the only model that bridges the  personal gap and connects online social channels to offline social purchasing.

Social Media as an Extension of How we Interact

social selling and social media - woman-241328_640Marketing comes naturally to women who are social creatures by nature and groomed to connect, inform and nurture, from their  first dolls, bake-oven toys and princess tea parties.

Essentially, the nature of the business of social selling is sustained when a friend loves a product and tells another friend, with each conversation, a sale is made or a business partner is acquired.

Lack of understanding of how to use social media, seeing social media as a fad and being in a business where tweets or likes are not useful or appreciated by customers are some reasons why some businesses have not got involved in social selling.

The reality is that everyone is so busy and easy access  to information and solutions via social media, helps business stand out and stay engaged with current events

How to use Social Media for Social Selling:

  • For marketers, connect with like-minded individuals within the platform and join groups. Don’t be that person who goes into a group and spam them to death. Solve problems, give free tips and share ideas. Sow a seed, reap a crop…later.
  • For businesses, Create an app, host a blog on your website, Offer in-store coupons, online discounts, rewards for sharing your business with friends or becoming members, create contests, interactive forums and B2B connections.
  • Be memorable and trigger a response from one of the five human senses, going viral means you are watchable and sharable.
  • Be relevant and timely – don’t be late to the party.
  • Taste, trends and preferences shift continually, decide before hand if you’ll be targeting a niche or the public.
  • If you have no clue how to do any of the above, get help by hiring a team or a social media maven.

Business can expand exponentially as we convert our social media connections on a consistent basis but the real magic happens when you move social selling and the relationships offline into face to face interactions. Technology and the internet is re-shaping our business landscape, get social, connect and start selling.

And Finally,

If you are a company with over 100 employees and more than 10 Sales reps, check out your LinkedIn’s ranking on its Social Selling Index. For small, medium and large companies there is help to streamline and manage your social selling. Hootsuite is a great social media management dashboard.   Visually integrates Google Analytics,Tweeter ShowDown, Facebook Insights etc. Other Social media software are:  SocialsproutBufferSocialBro,  Postling,  Social mention,  Shout let,  Argyle social Umbrelify etc. There are so many options, do your research and take advantage of demo and training offers.

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Author: A Danesi

A. Danesi is a writer, a business and marketing consultant with an MBA in Financial Management. “I love people, writing & crunching numbers…in that order – Please Like, Connect, Comment and Share. Thanks for hanging out!”

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