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SereniGy Global – SereniGy Coffee Reviews and Opportunity

SereniGy Review – Ganoderma Coffee Direct Selling Business Opportunity.

SereniGySereniGy Global, Inc. Chances are that you are either a current distributor looking for help in building your SereniGy business, or someone has invited you to sign up or buy their product. I am not affiliated with SereniGy, so this unbiased review can help you decide if this direct sales organization is your “cup of coffee”.

The Brief History Of SereniGy

SereniGy  launched on May 12, 2011 on the principles of serenity, energy and integrity. The company offers a line of gourmet coffees, teas and nutritional supplements infused with the Ganoderma herb associated with health, wellness, vitality, and longevity.

SereniGy CEO and Founder, Jay Noland is regarded as a legend in the MLM Industry, He began his career in Network Marketing in 1995 and has built multiple massive sales organizations that span in several different countries. He is also known as a Master Trainer and a great motivational speaker.The Executive Team also has Jerry Ballah, Vice President of Global Sales and Omar Rivera, Vice President of Marketing and Operations.

World Markets and Products

The company has expanded rapidly from its original U.S.A, Canadian base and It now has independent distributor networks in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
It also has international product warehouses in London, Mexico, Honduras, Hong Kong, South Africa and Colombia with others opening soon. A full list of Current live and pre-launch Countries is on the website.

Their products include: gourmet coffees, teas and hot chocolate, nutraceutical supplements, structured water and performance products like the G-Band , all containing a proprietary blend of 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma. Ganoderma, mostly unknown in the Western world until recently, has been in use for thousands of years in traditional Asian medicine, earning it the title, “King of Herbs.”

The 12 Ways to Make Money in SereniGy:

The Compensation Plan explains how representatives earn income from sales of products, customer acquisition and team building in these ways: Retail Profit, Personal Customer Commissions, Three for Free Bonus, Customer acquisition Bonus (4 levels), Galaxy Tab or iPad Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Producer Qualified Infinity Coded Bonus, Residual Team Bonus, Diamond Leadership Bonus, Coaching Check Match Bonus, Luxury car Bonus Program, Global Bonus Pool.


Organo Gold Vs SereniGy

Organo Gold has been a staple in the industry with big players and established leaders. So the pre-explosion and ground level opportunity in SereniGy is why the new company is gaining serious momentum.

As one of the Co-founders of Organo Gold, Jay Noland left his OG executive duties to start this company, where he promised better tasting products, a smarter and more aggressive compensation plan. Many OG representatives have jumped ship to SereniGy.

The Advantages of  SereniGy:

  • SereniGy has Jay Noland –  the Marketing Mastermind and the Master Trainer is running this rapidly growing coffee empire. He is the creator of  the 4 Steps & 4 Prospecting Q&A used by OG Reps and now in SereniGy.
  • Organo Gold and Gano Gold did all the hard work and laid the foundation of educating people of the benefits of Ganoderma and built a mass following of customers who prefer healthy coffee. SereniGy just has to produce a better tasting coffee, a killer brand and grab their share of the market.
  • A more aggressive compensation plan, lessons learnt on how to produce better and cheaper products and the brain behind the expansion into international markets, means that SereniGy is in more countries already in just a few years.
  • Offers timing, positioning and aligning with a ground level opportunity to take part in the wealth trend.

This a place for people looking at the pre-millionaire stage, where you could become one of the top distributors, and have entire teams from OG come over to yours.But you have to create an internet presence  where OG reps can find you.

*What Much Does it Cost to Join or Get Started in SereniGy?

SereniGyYou can join as a Distributor or as a Preferred Customer. Preferred Customers join for free as business owners who follow a retail plan and enjoy handsome profit margins and rebates based on their volume.

For Distributors, the start-up cost with SereniGy is tiered so you can invest at your most comfortable level.  The SereniGy LPP’s (Launch Product Packs) offers 4 investment levels to get started:

  1. Bronze Level – $148
Silver Level – $498
Gold Level – $998
Accelerator Level – $1498

Each level comes with an equal amount in wholesale inventory, a replicated website, and a virtual business kit. They also come with various promotional periods, incentives, and compensation bonuses. The Silver Lining level gives you access to independent tools, resources, and specific training for your business.

How Much Do I Need to Order Each Month to Remain a Distributor?

An order of at least 50 CV a month ($62) is required to maintain an active distributor status. And when you get started, Auto-ship is not required but recommended, but as you become a leader, then an auto-ship/CV level is mandatory.
So if you are considering becoming a SereniGy representative, you need to work smart and consistent massive action, to get leads and sign-ups after you have run out of family, friends and people to talk to.

How Do You Build a SereniGy Team?

SereniGy is based on a binary commission structure i.e. 2-2-2 etc. and like with any other MLM, you need at least a team of 100 active team members to be successful.This is 2013, not 1850, how do you sponsor 100 people who will be active, knowing that 97% of recruits will not succeed? By running the numbers and finding your target market online.

The challenge is reaching them by using straightforward Attraction Marketing. Don’t waste money on over-hyped marketing systems, which is requires you to spend a fortune to get leads or start spamming and harassing prospects, without TEACHING you foundational marketing skills and strategies.

In this economy, people are looking for options and ways to generate extra money or make money from home. If you are not online, you are missing out many prospects, waiting to see your  biz opportunity or offer.

So that’s why there is a problem…

Because, typically new marketers will hit a brick wall and get frustrated, call it a SereniGy scam when they do not make money harassing and  pitching their friends and family about the business, buying dead leads, making cold calls and running ads about the opportunity.
You do not lead with your opportunity, because people do not join a COMPANY, they join YOU!

But what do you have to offer?

How can you develop value and a presence that attracts people to you?

If you are a SereniGy Rep, or thinking of becoming one, you need a plan to build your business.
This is why too many people fail. They jump into MLM without a specific strategy or system for success.

Your MLM company and sponsor will teach you sales tactics,  you need to get out and learn marketing.

SerenigyThe Take-Away: 

Get a proven  Attraction Marketing System to produce leads for your SereniGy business. 

Based on my resolution to NOT promote any Attraction Marketing System, please do your research as there are so many internet marketing programs on the internet to teach you to generate leads, internet marketing strategies and maybe, generate cash flow by promoting their system.

Magnetic Sponsoring, My Lead System Pro (MLSP), Elite Marketing Pro, Power Lead System, Empower Network (EN) and the many affiliated platforms based on EN like Pure Leverage, The Big Idea, etc are good starting points.

Be cautious – Many of them push hard up-sells and my advice would be to FIRST get the education you need, at the least cost to your business.

Network Marketers have the same problem – LEADS. People to sign-up or talk to. Learn Internet and Online Marketing and NEVER run out of people to sponsor and recruit. You can learn how to recruit online and build a successful business.

* Please always check the company’s website for any updates on requirements and compensation plans.

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