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Recovery is Possible


Recovery is a definite possibility, a wide open road and things are going to be okay. Now how can I say that? Real tangible wealth and recovery is possible to achieve, through these actions that you can take today.

Thanks to the rebound in energy, manufacturing, accessible healthcare, technology and the power of social media to create overnight millionaires in this era of knowledge explosion, families and businesses in America are definitely in recovery mode and here are the reasons for that:

Recovery through Deregulation.

a. Energy Deregulation:

In this era of accelerated energy deregulation, the remarkable growth in natural gas extraction is pushing down the price of energy. Also the consistent increase of oil production, especially in America, where the International Energy Agency, has projected that the U.S. will become the world’s biggest oil producer by 2020 and possibly be completely energy independent in 2035.

Over time, some states have changed the regulations in the energy industry to enhance competition between energy providers.
Energy suppliers, working with Energy Service Companies or ESCO’s, can now offer a variety of choices for service and rates. From the customer or end user’s perspective, nothing changes. There will be no interruption of services, their chosen utility provider still maintains service,responds to emergencies and send out billing statements, but they just have more choices and can actually cut their energy bill by up to 40%.

American business magnate Warren Buffett and Microsoft’s Bill Gates have both identified energy deregulation as the next big financial opportunity to sweep across the country. Also Jack Welch, former GE Chairman in an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box (Nov, 5 2012) described energy deregulation as ‘the internet in 1990′ stating that “Energy is the lifeblood of an economy.” You can check this Energy Savings Portal for availability in your area and take part in this wealth trend.

b. Healthcare Deregulation

The impact of Obama care in the healthcare industry has created new emerging markets in Tele-health, Coordinated Care and a new way to buy insurance. You will still be able to buy insurance on your own directly from an insurance company or through a broker, but you can also use the new, state-based health insurance marketplaces. These marketplaces are also called “exchanges.”

These marketplaces will be open for business October 1, 2013 , selling coverage that begins January 1, 2014. You may qualify for discounts to help pay for premiums if your income is from $15,302 to $46,021 for an individual and $31,155 to $93,700 for a family of four.

The two advantages to using the online marketplace:
– The ability to make side-by-side comparisons of all the available plans using the online calculator to decide on the best option.
– You may qualify for an up-front discount, essentially a tax credit to help pay for premiums, and get help with out-of-pocket costs.

According to Consumer Reports, at online insurance marketplaces, individuals, families, and small business owners will be able to shop for health insurance in online marketplaces, similar to travel websites making it possible to easily compare and buy private insurance and determine if you qualify for financial aid or for extra subsidies to help with out-of-pocket costs or for government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Plan.
Enhanced MD is one of the premier and cost-effective TeleHealth services available to individuals and families.

Recovery through the Revival of our ‘Made in America’ spirit.

America has also recovered and revived its pride and patriotic spirit in the support of the ‘Made in America’ brand. Somehow the collapse and the work force drain of 2008 has produced a record number of entrepreneurs, inventors and first time small business owners from the corporate and professional sectors. These people who don’t ever want to see a pink slip again, have taken the reins over their financial futures and made themselves essentially unemployable by creating jobs and opportunities for others.
Recovery in manufacturing, due to reduced energy prices and rising labor costs in Asia, and a lower dollar have the engines of progress churning again.

Who can forget the Clint Eastwood ‘It’s Halftime’ and Eminem Recovery ‘Letter to Detroit’ super bowl Chrysler Adverts?
On the lighter side, I do not miss any episode of Shark Tank on the ABC network. That’s why I know real “recovery” is possible for anyone. There is an entrepreneurial spirit sweeping through the nation and there are no age or ability restrictions on a dream, the basic requirements are handwork and passion.

How To Participate in the Recovery.

All this is great news for the investor with deep pockets, exchange-traded funds and stock holdings in energy, healthcare sector and manufacturing.
How does a regular person like you or me take part in this recovery?  By changing our paycheck-induced mindsets and investing in systems that allows us to partake in this recovery. There are several systems out there but I will select two that requires a reasonable investment of time for training and retooling our mindset and involves some level of marketing.
Everyone wants something, marketing and the internet are your vehicles to give people exactly what they want or need.

Internet Marketing

In the broadest of terms, we all search the Internet for tangible goods or information.
Tangible goods involves manufacturing, reselling, holding stock, shipping and other overhead costs, so we are going to concentrate on Information Marketing.
According to Alexa, the leading provider of free global web metrics and global leader in Analytics, the most successful and visited sites on the web are Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon,Baidu and Wikipedia. Twitter comes in at the 12th place of out Alexa’s Top 500 Global Sites.

Everyone is an expert in something. Brand yourself, share your knowledge with your target audience and you could be rewarded for it. If you are camera-shy, start a free blog about your passion on WordPress, Blogger etc. Love photography? Then start a photo blog. Post your pictures in leading copyright free photography sites like,, while you build your brand.

I say put it out there – Is your business on any on those top Alexa sites? If not, you are missing out on the biggest wealth trend in our time. Navigating and participating in the internet now is as essential as learning the English language and is a definite path to economic recovery.

Network Marketing

People get wary about MLM or Network Marketing. How else do you get a piece of the energy, telecommunication and technology, solar energy, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and coffee markets, except you are representative in a direct sales company? Think of the enormous capital investment required to start companies like these. As a representative, you pay a ‘franchise’ fee of less than $500 in most cases and you get to build a turnkey business venture without any glass ceiling to your growth and promotions. Compare this acquisition cost with the other brick and mortar franchises out there.

The power of leverage, duplicity and numbers is the name of this game. People who have figured how to play it, are winning and building a lifestyle of success for their families. This industry combined with an internet marketing strategy is explosive.
Whether you are a skeptic about the MLM industry or not, the changed lives and fortunes show this is a viable business and worth taking a look at. Again, business leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Robert Allen have long been proponents of this path to recovery and wealth.


How to Succeed in Network Marketing: Discouraged marketers struggle because they have run out of family and friends (warm market) and the constant rejection of strangers at the mall or grocery stores (cold market).
If you have ever tried and given up on an MLM, or the fear of prospecting has kept you out, connect with one of the many internet training platforms and learn how to use these two recovery road maps successfully.  One thing to keep in mind, Network Marketing is NOT for everyone.

Some Final Thoughts:

On this post I have included a number of REAL ways to get involved and not hypothetical suggestions to empower you for wealth creation. Do something TODAY, work with technology to take you further, faster. For more information or questions, please contact me.
Recovery is always possible for people who decide to do something different and seize an opportunity to change the course of their lives and fortunes.

Author: A Danesi

A. Danesi is a writer, a business and marketing consultant with an MBA in Financial Management. “I love people, writing & crunching numbers…in that order – Please Like, Connect, Comment and Share. Thanks for hanging out!”

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