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MLSP Profit Centers – MLM Pure Profit Mastery Products Explained.

What are MLSP Profit Centers & Pure Profit Mastery Products?

MLSP Profit Centers – is a concept announced  on July 30th by MLSP co-founder Brian Fanale and the MyLeadSystemPRO crew. MLSP Profit CentersAs they explained the new profit centers concept at MLSP, I was thinking, “How huge is this going to be?”

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not an MLSP Affiliate and do not promote them either but I still value the incredible education that’s available to its members.

Even though this ‘leads’ food-chain says, “Enough is Enough” on morsel nibbling and Lilliputian commissions, the truth remains that to succeed in MLSP,  you have to be FULLY committed to promoting their platform, and aggressively too.

MLSP Profit Centers VS Primary Companies

A Funded Proposal means you lead with value or a product, with the goal to build trust with prospects and eventually sign them into your primary company. So the focus remains on building our primary business opportunity.

With the MLSP Profit Centers concept, YOU are the focus – It’s Build You Inc., not the opportunity. The opportunity is now just one of the Profit Centers. Marketers are encouraged to develop and sell info products like ebooks, training courses, sign members or leads into marketing platforms like MLSP for residual or continuity income, be available for high ticket offers like personal coaching, mentoring building an expert profile, and still continue to grow the business opportunity.

Every sector becomes a fully maximized profit center producing independent and substantial streams of income. Each marketer can attend to each sector based on its revenue. The term ‘primary company’ is obsolete in the face of the profit centers concept.

Here is how Pure Profit Mastery Product works: MLSP leaders and top earners work for you on the MLSP webinars selling Mastery memberships and Pure Profit Products closing the deals for YOU and your invitees. Simply drive traffic and sign leads to your MLSP team, invite them and other marketers to attend and let the 6 and 7-figure income earners do the selling and CLOSE.


MLSP Profit Centers

MLSP Profit Centers

Top Earners and Leaders Give Back via MLSP Profit Centers and Pure Profit Products.

The top leaders: SEO Guru himself Rob Fore, Facebook Queen Michelle Pescosolido, Master Blogger Ray Higdon, YouTube Traffic Mojo Kingpins – Mark Harbert and the Bluesman of MLM, Frank Marino of Keyword Research and so many other leaders help close the sales for MLSP Mastery members and invited guests to the webinars and the ENTIRE SALE goes to the referring affiliate, who doesn’t have to own or create these products.

MLSP Profit Centers

They are also encouraging the 100% commission Mastery membership or an upgrade from low percentage commissions. MLSP has different levels of membership: Academy, Gold, Platinum and Mastery.

MLSP Profit Centers & MyLeadSystemPRO Mastery

The co-founders Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Falcone claim that:

“Their  MyLeadSystemPRO leadership is unparalleled and unmatched by any other generic training and education platform in the industry. MLSP has some of the biggest names and trainers in the home business industry including top earners from a variety of network marketing companies, all of whom will help train and mentor you to success.”

Take advantage of the training and resources and get plugged into the weekly webinars, mind-set wake-up calls and free trainings by the leaders in the home business and marketing industry.

Final Thoughts:

If this MLSP Profit Center explanation has given you the information needed to take a decision about MyLeadSystemPRO…great!  Like I said earlier, I am not affiliated with MLSP but I still respect them as a top internet marketing educational platform.

Network Marketers have the same problem – LEADS. People to sign-up or talk to. Learn Internet and Online Marketing and NEVER run out of people to sponsor and recruit. That’s how to build a successful business.

Disclosure: This is NOT an endorsement or promotion of the My Lead System Pro platform. The hard fact is that to be successful with MLSP, you should be ready to aggressively promote their system and drive insane levels of traffic to your links. This can take the focus off your business opportunity due to low conversion rates. 

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