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MLM Sponsoring Secrets Revealed:Convert Leads, Prospects

MLM Sponsoring Secrets
SUCCESSFUL MLM SPONSORING SECRETS REVEALED – After my MLM Closing Script, I had many requests to do a post about how to convert prospects and how to successfully recruit and sponsor leads into our business. Common requests where:

  • What to say to leads
  • How to get people off the fence
  • What to say to prospects and leads that have opted in to our funnels.
  • How to get leads and prospects ready for a formal business presentation.

I researched my training library and now I’m sharing these MLM Sponsoring Secrets.

The FREE Report on my home page has strategies and examples of probes we can use to end the frustration most network marketers experience in converting traffic and sponsoring leads. Master Sponsoring Series by MLSP Mastermind, Ray Higdon is available below, you can watch the free preview and order the series today.

Most marketers are so focused on generating leads and traffic, that they feel frustrated at the lack of conversions from generated leads and traffic. I was the same when I started, wanting the perfect blog posts, website, pages etc. but the most profit-producing activity involves successfully sponsoring leads or signing up customers.
If we are not actively doing either activity, we are simply NOT making money. Here are the profit-producing activities, to successfully sponsor leads and actually make money:

A marketers’ work is not to guarantee success but to hand prospects the ‘magic wand’ of possibility. Sponsoring and Closing is the ONLY way you make money. 

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #1 – Connect, build rapport using validation and empathy.

When a good prospect shows up, don’t procrastinate, pick up the phone and call, connect and don’t let the fear of failure stop you. This is crucial – at the initial contact with your leads or customers, your goal is not to sell but to build rapport and this involves mirroring the person and giving them the chance to fully articulate their ‘why’.

Use the ‘VAK’ modalities– Are they visual, auditory or kinesthetic communicators? You want to default to their style.(See sample VAK indicators and opening questions in the FREE Report and Master Sponsoring Kit Below)

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #2 – Use Questions and Probe for WHY.

You’ve got to ask WHY they opted in and are open to making money from home or What has changed in their situation that has opened them to a business opportunity. The goal is to have them sell the opportunity to themselves.
Two things to keep in mind, Money is never the complete answer or reason, because that’s simply paper…right? Find out what it represents – it could be to set up a college fund, to care for an aged parent, getting out of debt etc.then connect or find commonality. People always want to share and no one wants to be ‘closed’, so don’t hesitate to probe deeper.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets #3 – How to Handle Objections

I use some tips from one of the Network Marketing leaders’, MLM Master sponsor, Ray Higdon –Turn every objection or sarcastic remark into a question. That’s because you can’t answer an objection. You can only answer a question.
If the process becomes an objection-fest, set a limit or throw in one of these:
“If I was able to satisfy your concern – in your opinion, do you ( feel, see how, does it sound) like you would want to move forward?” In the MLM SPONSORING SECRETS  Report, you’ll get more sample probes for dealing with:

  • The Pyramid Phobia

Empower Network’s David Wood is famous for handling this by saying, “Yes it is, and you are getting in at the TOP!”
This 18th century objection, shows a lack of understanding.You can mirror the question to them, “Really, a pyramid or a trapezoid? What makes you say that?” They may have had a really bad experience with an unethical company. Never defend an objection, turn it into a question. Listen to their explanation.

  • Lack of Money or TimeMLM Sponsoring Secrets

This is rarely the case, as we MAKE time and FIND money for what is important to us. If this excuse comes up, they are still seeing PAIN in the opportunity and it outweighs the benefits. They are still NOT seeing the value and are searching subconsciously for disposable income or time. Don’t be brash and say unkind things like, “So how old are you again…that you don’t have the money?” Instead, respond like a professional marketer and track back to their ‘why’.

Successful marketers are not selfish, but genuinely want to help people.
When calling leads or prospecting, do not get into the sales mode, let them do 90% of the talking, that way they connect your opportunity to their path to achieve their wants, needs and desires.

These successful sponsoring strategies will help you get your leads over the fence. After making a good impression, you can then formally present the opportunity, using proper resources – DVD, business meeting, brochures etc. Daily practice and consistency will help you successfully sponsor your leads and prospects into your business and finally make some money!

Final Thoughts:
If this post has given you some relevant tips, my work is done!  But then you’ve got to get busy  with massive, consistent action, using proven systems and strategies.

Network Marketers have the same problem – LEADS. People to sign-up or talk to. Learn Internet and Online Marketing and NEVER run out of people to sponsor and recruit. That’s how to build a successful business.

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