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MLM Marketing Success Tips – Are You Making Any Money?

MLM/Marketing Success Tips – Are You Making Any Money? MLM Marketing Success

There is usually a sleepy humongous bright orange, blue and pink decorated elephant in Network Marketing Conferences and MLM presentations. It cramps the room but nobody wants to talk about it…about why over 95% of MLM Marketers in the room are NOT making any money and will eventually quit. Are you one of them?

I hope not. We are marketers – People dedicated to creating financial stability through multiple streams of income and helping others do the same. Technology and Social Selling is changing the game in a big way.

But can we just stop, scream and wake up the elephant?
Admitting the truth, is the first step to recovery. My initial months in my MLM Profit Center was incredible.
I was simply on Fire! I doubled my investment and was ready to take over the world…financially speaking.

I was pitching left, right & center. I was tackling anyone within 3 feet, but eventually as we all have experienced it, I got a bad case of MLM Marketing burnout, attrition, and simply had to tell myself the truth! My momentum had fizzled.

When we are so focused on pitching our products and services without giving any thought to what our target market needs, our insensitivity usually leads to MLM and Marketing failure.
I needed to re-evaluate my process and strategy. I researched online because …trust me, our MLM sponsors may not have the answers. Here are the most common ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions:

  • How are the Top MLM/ Network Marketing leaders doing this successfully?
  • How can I make money or succeed while adding value in this MLM Marketing?
  • What is considered valuable to my target market?

Here is a direct correlation equation for success in MLM Marketing or Any Business.

Problem Solving equals Money
(where Q = Quality of Value , q = Quantity of Value)


If you are not making money in your MLM marketing, here are some possible issues:

  • Trying to help the ‘wrong’ people with problems they don’t have, so identify your target market.
  • Not helping enough people or anybody at all – so reach out, pick up the phone. connect with the infinite potential of the internet and social media community – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Not consistently producing relevant, actionable content on your company’s Products and MLM/Network Marketing.
MLM Marketing Success Tips

Marketing With Open, Giving Hands

Top leaders and earners make MLM marketing seem so easy!

The reality is that success comes to them because they have invested time and VALUE in the market place by teaching, presenting etc. The consistent production and giving of value drives money. Internet marketing, technology and social media has cut the learning curve to ‘MLM guru’ status and helps even newbie marketers deliver great value.

But You’ve got to get the right system to add some value in the market place and get paid!.

Final Thoughts:

What kinds of problems can you solve & how? Get a marketing platform and resource and share their mentorship,trainings, webinars, products etc. Create videos, blog posts, articles, share information on Products, Leads, Traffic and Prospecting to the target market and direct them to an action that benefits both of you. This is how you make money in MLM or Network Marketing. ‘Give & It Shall Be Given Back.’

Here is Your Call to Action:

Based on my resolution to NOT promote any Attraction Marketing System, please do your research as there are so many internet marketing programs on the internet to teach you to generate leads, internet marketing strategies and maybe, generate cash flow by promoting their system.

Magnetic Sponsoring, My Lead System Pro (MLSP), Elite Marketing Pro, Power Lead System, Empower Network (EN) and the many affiliated platforms based on EN like Pure Leverage, The Big Idea, etc are good starting points. Be cautious – Many of them push hard up-sells and my advice would be to FIRST get the education you need, at the least cost to your business.

If this post has given you the information then you’ve got to get busy  with massive, consistent action, applying proven strategies that work.

Network Marketers have the same problem – LEADS. People to sign-up or talk to. Learn Internet and Online Marketing and NEVER run out of people to sponsor and recruit. You can learn how to recruit online and build a successful business.

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Author: A Danesi

A. Danesi is a writer, a business and marketing consultant with an MBA in Financial Management. “I love people, writing & crunching numbers…in that order – Please Like, Connect, Comment and Share. Thanks for hanging out!”

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