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Leads | What are Leads | Where to Generate MLM Leads Online

What are Leads and Where to Generate Leads for Your MLM Business Online

LeadsYou probably never heard of the term ‘Leads’ until you signed up into your network marketing company and you had to complete the Code of Conduct forms – which warns you not to buy leads for your business, because you’ll be bombarded by offers to buy lists, lead generation software or genealogy leads, hot prospects etc  and they are right!

There’s No lead generation software or lead generation company that promises and delivers MLM sign-ups. If there’s any out there, I can’t wait to be proven wrong!

Do not BUY leads, learn how to GENERATE leads on your own through internet marketing instead or  you’ll end up cold calling dead-end leads, recycled or disconnected numbers.

Let’s get to some basic information that will help you generate “leads” for your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), also called Network Marketing business.

A lead is a qualified potential buyer who shows some level of interest in purchasing your product or solution. Leads who fill out a form or opt-in, often do so in exchange for some relevant content,value, free or a compelling offer such as a free report, e-book, webinar etc. This step represents the first stage of a sales process.
Leads are generated for list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. Businesses strive to generate ‘quality’ leads – Quality of the prospect is determined by them taking the next action towards a purchase.

There is also the entry point of a sales tunnel, funnel or pipeline, this is where the prospect has:

  • Viewed your post, reviewing whatever you are offering or proposing
  • Answered your custom questions to qualify if they are who you want
  • Decided to begin a business conversation with you by initiating contact

You can break lead generation up into two main categories:

1. Inbound Leads Generation/Marketing:

These are ways of helping the potential customers find your company or offer easily, even before they are looking to buy or enroll. Positioning yourself as a familiar preference, brand, leader can eventually leads to sales.
Today’s buyer is in control, technology has made self-education and research easy on any topic of interest, so your job as a marketer is to make yourself and content unique enough to stand-out and be found easily.


Search Engine Optimization

Content and SEO for Lead Generation
Your content is the foundation of your inbound marketing efforts. Free leads from organic search engine reports are generated from great posts and content on your website or blog. An SEO  tool like Posting on Purpose for Profit, will help you define what to write about, and what your target market is looking for and how to promote your posts.

With a good mix of high-value content, including visual content, start promoting it on social channels. The more engagement you get, the more Google considers your content to be of high value, which in turn boosts your SEO rankings. The goal is getting on the front page of the search engines and drive traffic to your offers. Keep in mind that this is a long-term strategy and yield results long after you post it and this applies to blog posts, articles, videos etc

Generate Leads through your Website
An online presence is where the magic happens. Have a clear message and brand yourself to your readers. Provide links to your company website, do reviews of products or services and resources. You can advertise to generate revenue from your site and it’s better to buy a domain and hosting so that you have full control over your content, lists and sales. Optimize your website and content for converting casual browsers into return visitors or actual leads.  Have clearly defined forms, Calls-to-Action (CTA), layout, design, and content.

Generate Leads through your Blog
You’ve got to have a blog, it is a dynamic interface and your readers can become buyers because you have created trust and a relationship. You can promote your company or MLM personal site and products and expand your offer from just your MLM. Make every post search-engine optimized, so that you can be found. On WordPress, a plug-in like SEO Yoast, SEOCockpit etc. can guide you. Highlight the Calls-to-Action, encourage subscriptions and follows on social channels. The key is to provide value and develop engaged leads.

leadsGenerate Leads via Social Media
This is a faster way to generate leads because of the immediacy of social media. A PPC campaign on Facebook or YouTube can generate as thousands of views to your offer. But you have to use the right tools so that you don’t end up wasting money on advertising. Through social networks, buyers can research and learn about products and services through endorsers and friends.

Social Media is critical for branding and generating buzz so tap into all the social media channels, from YouTube videos, Facebook status updates and ads, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, where your customers are and create that trust. Use tools like social media tools like Social Adr, Hoot-suite, and get courses or Free webinars on Social Media Marketing on the internet.

2. Outbound Leads Generation/Marketing

Outbound marketing uses external means to expose your message, content and offer to your prospects. Information is sent direct to them, targeting specific opportunities, with an obvious call-to-action.
A good outbound marketing can push someone through the funnel at a faster rate, if they are almost ready to buy.  Inbound marketing alone may not drive someone to buy. Outbound provides leads with that extra nudge they need into the sales funnel.
Combining outbound and inbound can increase the traffic and the number of potential customers who see your content.

Email Marketing for Leads
Email is still the most used lead generation tactic, with 81% of respondents citing it as the most effective channel. By putting your content in front of prospects, you can find people who are not directly looking for you. Whether you are hosting an event, sending out a new piece of content, promoting a new service or product, or keeping customers updated, email should be one of your main forms of communication. To respond automatically to emails and opt-ins, use the service of an auto responder like GetResponse, Aweber or GVO responder.

Display  and Pay-per-Click Ads
Display ads are typically highly targeted to different demographic or behavioral actions. Through online ads you can reach more of your target audience, educate potential prospects, and drive leads. Display ads can be found on various websites and social media platforms, even ads on places like Craigslist and recruiting websites can produce leads.

With Pay-per-Click (PPC ) ads you pay for each click on your ad displayed on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, Facebook, YouTube or any website. For PPC your ads show up as sponsored results on the top and side of the organic search terms.They are keyword sensitive and also highly targeted so they can generate very high quality leads. Get training before trying this strategy, as it means you will be spending money and you want to get a return on your investment.

leadsContent Syndication for Leads Generation
The competition is stiff out there so you need a content sharing strategy to expose your content on authority websites for greater reach and engagement.

Through content syndication, you can repurpose and convert your posts to articles, PDFs, slides and share them third-party sites, article sites and newsletters. Sites like Slide share, Ezine articles, Scribd, B2B sites, BetterNetworker etc. Always add a resource box and links to your website and your offer, as most sites allow two to three links. This will keep generating leads and back links . Use a tool like Spin Rewriter to spin your content to avoid duplicating the content, which search engines hate.

Hosting Meetings and Going to Events/Presentations
Creating or using the companies piqué cards to invite guests to a small private event or a special presentation by leaders, a free webinar is a key part to generating leads. These events offer the opportunity to see the ‘bigger picture’ and establish personal connections with participants, the team and give attendees the chance to interact with each other and hear direct testimonies. Compared to other marketing tactics, events are more likely to quickly turn a prospect into a strong lead. Watch FREE online webinars on recruiting and sponsoring leads.

LeadsReady-to-do-Business Leads are also acquired through direct mail or by using professional sales representatives, but these are not very effective with network marketing, as building a relationship and  adding your personality helps in converting leads to sales.
Regardless of how you generate leads, communication and follow-up, can significantly increase your rate of conversion, so pick up the phone, make that call, send the emails and keep your opportunity or offer fresh in their minds. They may not buy immediately, but you will be the first choice when they are ready.

Final Thoughts:

Here is Your Call to Action:

Based on my resolution to NOT promote any Lead Generation System, please do your research as there are so many internet marketing programs on the internet to teach you to generate leads, internet marketing strategies and maybe, generate cash flow by promoting their system.

Magnetic Sponsoring, My Lead System Pro (MLSP), Elite Marketing Pro, Power Lead System, Empower Network (EN) and the many affiliated platforms based on EN like Pure Leverage, The Big Idea, etc are good starting points.

Be cautious – Many of them push hard up-sells and my advice would be to FIRST get the education you need, at the least cost to your business.

Network Marketers have the same problem – LEADS. People to sign-up or talk to. Learn Internet and Online Marketing and NEVER run out of people to sponsor and recruit. You can learn how to recruit online and build a successful business.

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  1. Great insight. I personally feel that Content and SEO sharing is pretty costly especially if we don’t have the budget. Besides, putting the right content is pretty tricky. People may visit our blogs or websites but may decide not to take action.

  2. Great post. So many great ways to generate leads. They all work, its just a matter of getting in looking at whats available and what suits your needs the best. My personal preference is content and seo, but thats just because I enjoy writing and the google “challenge”…call me crazy lol