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Drive Traffic to Website or Blog -Ranking Generates Sales

Drive Traffic to Website or Blog- Ranking to Generates Sales

Generate Traffic To Your MLM Blog or Website

Drive Traffic to Website or Blog – Ranking high on search engines drives traffic which results in more leads and sales. Why create content that no one sees?

Exposure drives traffic to website or blog, so your content has to be seen by your target market and the easiest way to help them find your website is to rank high in search engine results page (SERPS) , and if possible in multiple pages, videos and articles.

The big traffic “secret” is creating multiple points of contacts by re-purposing your content and distributing it to different article directories, blogs, social bookmarking sites and micro-blogs to get hundreds, even thousands of anchor text back links pointing back to your content on website or blog. SEO tools must be part of  your arsenal to dominate the search engines.

Now this is how you don’t become the ‘tree in the forest’ but drive traffic to website or blog:

Optimize and Promote Your Content to Drive Traffic to Website or Blog

Creating content and doing SEO has no point if you’re not optimizing both on page and off page to drive traffic to website or blog. It’s all about quality and quantity of back-links and social media votes. Every post is a service and conversion opportunity and the search engines are tracking it’s relevance based on back links, but also now with social media votes – tweets, likes, plus-ones etc. Hopefully you have properly optimized your content with a good title, meta-tag description, meta-tag keywords and have distributed enough  of the keyword phrase in the article. After SEO and publication, start promoting.

Drive Traffic to Website or Blog Ranking to Generates Sales

Create Stimulating Content to Get More Traffic

Also let your personality show, use quotes from authorities and give at least  1 call-to-action. To drive traffic to website or blog, promote your content in social media platforms LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, Google+  like pros,  by using social bookmarking sites like SocialADR , Tribepro, OnlyWire etc. Covert your posts to PDF and syndicate them to document sharing sites. Spinning the post or articles  and distributing it to  directories will create more links back to the original content with a service like SpinRewriter.

The more technical aspects about On page and Off page optimization are in resources like Predatory SEO and involves strategies on building back links from social media and high PR blogs or sites, drip submission, syndication and re-purposing your post to different points of contact for pings, links and good track backs to your original post on your website.

Have Tools to Maintain Website Rankings and Drive Traffic to Website

Research website ranking tools and Free webinars which shows you the blueprint to generate free and organic website traffic and improve search engine optimization and minimize the impact of Google algorithmic updates i.e Google Panda and Google Penguin which affects page rankings and how you drive traffic to your website or blog.

Get the right tools: For Social Bookmarking try tools like SocialADR, OnlyWire or TribePro. Get Article Spinners and Distributors like SpinRewriter and The Best Spinner, Article Marketing Robot or Unique Article Wizard etc. and always use Ping your content using a free service like Pingler. Pinging lets directory sites and micro-blogs know your content exists and you can often get quantity links by pinging regularly. A paid option is

“While others say content is king, I say it’s the king, the queen and the whole kingdom!” Rob Fore (SEO Expert) 

Create Content that Adds Value.

Drive Traffic to Website or Blog Ranking to Generates Sales

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Don’t be that tree!!

Ask yourself – “who is this helping?” Clearly define your target audience, use Keyword Tools to find out what they are actually searching for – Check out my post MLM Marketing Success Tips – Are You Making Any Money? that will show you how to post both for purpose and profit.
Personally, I see the words in this post as my strapping valiant soldiers getting into the trenches and helping content producers like you, to content to rank in Google, because that’s when we drive traffic to website or blog and generate leads and sales.

Don’t be afraid to edit errors and check spelling and grammar. Use mind mapping and incorporate physical cues to keep your audience engaged, like photos, headers, sub headers, bullet points, indents, and even changes in color or font. There is nothing more sleep-inducing than a giant slab of text.

Use relevant keywords in your title and your unique slant or context to increase traffic to your website. One topic or focus per page allows you to fully flesh out the topic and optimize one keyword per page or post, so it should direct to a solution, ask a question, hint at conflict and be newsworthy.

Use Photos and Other Elements to Attract Attention

Content can be more than just text. Chose visuals, photos, graphs and videos that serve a purpose. Use a minimum of a least two pictures to anchor attention, so that the text has clear, logical sections of information, easy for the brain to follow and process.Posts shared on social media like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, blog and website links  are far more likely to be clicked if they have an engaging photo. Attract an audience and drive traffic to your website and remember what they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words!

Traffic generation is serious business and when you have the plans in place, so you can focus on creating and adding valuable content to your website and enjoy the cumulative benefit of your work. This means higher website traffic results over time with valuable content, link building and appropriate SEO tools.

Get Your Resources, Start Ranking on Google & Drive Traffic to Website or Blog: 

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