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Do You Have A Financial Mantra?

Do you have a financial mantra? Do they work?

Mantras are sounds, words, statements repeated to aid concentration and focus in meditation. They are prevalent in many religions, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism, but if we are not attempting to connect to a numen or “Wholly Other,” can we use mantras to connect and control financial energy?Many people use visualization tools like a vision board and daily affirmations to manifest desires and dreams.

Most motivational and spiritual books,  call our attention to the inherent power of engaging in daily rituals that have performance qualities: praying, meditating, heightened language, and manipulation of your voice or physical body, in a manner that is different in character from everyday or mundane use. If you’ve ever attended or watched Life coach, Tony J. Robbin’s seminars like Unlimited Power or Awaken the Giant Within, you know what I mean.

Famed Anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski (1884-1942), said such acts formed the “coefficient of weirdness” and argued that it is the inherent drama, strangeness, and magical quality of manipulating sacred material that gives it power. Therefore, rituals like financial mantras could serve the psychological function of reducing anxiety and evoke strong emotional, affective associations to abundance.
America’s Personal Financial Guru, Suze Orman, in her revolutionary book, The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom (1997 p.31) reveals her financial mantra that got her through the performance pressure and fear of her early years as a commissioned salesperson at Merrill Lynch.
“I am young, powerful, and successful, producing at least $10,000 a month.”

This mantra though simple has all the necessary elements:
– Have a clear minimum and or bottom-line expectation. Therefore there are no limits but endless possibilities.
– Use the present tense. We want results now! Not a vague “someday.”
-The words replace any feelings of inadequacy and override the fear of failure with power and confidence.
– It’s easy to memorize and say it enough times a day to create a new truth that will change our perceptions of the situation and ourselves.

Think about the financial mantras you are unconsciously telling yourself and probably your children. If there are words of inadequacy and lack, we are not giving our psyche room to grow and reach for greater things. A financial mantra with a positive message of possibilities, overtime becomes an automatic refrain to any fear and appearance of lack or failure.
However,  I must stress is that even though we are calling saying financial “mantras”, we are not using them in the traditional religious sense of chanting in a quiet secluded space. Nothing’s wrong with that, but these sayings have to become your default state of mind, such that when a variance or setback occurs, we can automatically shift our perspective. Does this work? Absolutely. Life is a battle of perceptions.

Over the years, I have quite a few mantras about different areas of my life, and I’ll share a couple of my financial mantras:
“I’ll never be broke another day in my life; I am abundance. I am rich in mind and manifestation. I am highly favored and richly blessed.”
“God makes all grace abound towards me, I am sufficient in everything, having an abundance for every good work.”*
We can choose words from a source that connects to us spiritually or inspires, or a timely, targeted phrase like Ms. Orman’s. We are as powerful as we say we are. Thank you for reading and if you have a financial mantra or have used one, please share it.


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*2 Corth.9:8 (paraphrased)

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