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Customer Service Tips for a Home-Based Business

Customer Service Tips for Home-based Business

Customer Service Tips for a Home-Based Business

Delivering excellent customer service and value will help exponentially grow your customer base.  As an independent marketer or representative in a home-based business, these customer service tips will keep happy customers on your balance sheet as invaluable goodwill assets. Who doesn’t want the word-of-mouth referrals that are much more effective than impersonal paid advertisements?

As an individually responsible business owner,  learning and cultivating customer service skills by being pro-active, professional, leading with value, will increase and retain customers whose experiences reflects the quality and value of the  relationship. Excessive poor service or product reviews from MLM customers indicates  a gap in customer service training and a breakdown in communication between the representative of the company and their clients.

Today’s competitive business climate demands exceptional customer service delivery so that we don’t invoke social media wars on twitter by unhappy customers or by advocacy groups who love a good fight. Using these customer service tips as a spring-board, will help you retain loyal customers.

Unprofessional conduct could cross the lines of  business etiquette and policy guides of your primary MLM company and result in lawsuits or bad reports to the authorities which affects public perception of the integrity and quality of the company you represent. If it results in an investigation, you could lose your membership, business and the relationships built over the years.
Here are some general customer service tips to help deliver excellent and exceptional customers’ experiences:

Customer Service Starts with the Representative.

The network marketing company could have easily hired sales staff, projected an advertising budget, set up merchandising contracts and agreements with department stores and gone the traditional route in selling their products. Instead they opted for direct sales as their distribution channel and set up call centers to service their representatives. That puts each independent representative right in front of the end users of the company’s services and products. Representatives are the frontline  agents for the MLM and your customer service job description involves providing services or products to customers before, during and after a sale. As defined by Turban et al,”Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction.” One of the first customer service tips, is recognizing that success of your home-based business and your primary company, starts with you.

Run a Consumer-Oriented Business.

Take the company’s training and customer service tips very seriously, R&D has figured out the pitfalls and you’ll learn to avoid them by projecting uniformity and consistency with scripts, marketing materials and proper conduct. Use support systems and tools like personalized websites, training CD’s and more. Get your ego out-of-the-way and run a consumer-oriented business. Be accessible for in-person communication about the products and services, provide contact information on your website and don’t get stuck in the dark ages, get on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter and use technology and the new dynamics of the marketplace.

Deliver Value with Integrity.

“The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity” – Zig Ziglar.
Value proposition is a promise of a delivered value , a belief that the customer will experience that value and this applies to the entire organization or its parts, or customer accounts, products or services. All the customer service tips in the world will not help your business if integrity and consistency is not an intricate part of your service.

Your network marketing company typically doesn’t run background checks on representatives, so they are counting on you as a person of strong moral principles. Don’t cut corners and mislead customers with false claims, sales tactics or pressure them with shame or guilt. The network marketer’s value system is a set of consistent values and measures or broad preferences about appropriate courses of action or outcomes and these values reflect an inherent sense of right and wrong.

Be an example of excellence and you’ll develop a reputation that pays off, as customers refer friends and family to you, because they trust you will be honest and offer high-quality service. You would have surpassed customer’s expectation by simply over delivering, keeping your word and may get some to want to join your team. Remember one of the customer service tips from the ages: people don’t join a company, they join you.

Feedback and Inventory.

Hopefully your MLM company has a well run back office for fulfilling and delivering orders made on your personal website by your customers. A great customer service tip is to keep track of orders made directly by your customers via your website and always call to thank them for their business. Step in and advocate if there is a problem with an order, survey clients for feedbacks and ideas you could pass on in meetings and conferences. Deliver value by keeping updated with promotions, discount and give-aways and pass these on to your customers. Some MLM companies send out TextAlerts and communiques, sign up for them.

Customer Service Tips for Home-Based Business


Never Stop Learning.

Study your product and service ever-expanding portfolios and be the expert by researching, encouraging questions and getting a prompt response back to clients. Stay current on new marketing strategies and study the Home-based business industry. Learn customer service tips and ideas from mentors and industry leaders who are proponents of Attraction Marketing.
Ever wonder WHAT makes people buy your stuff? What hot buttons trigger people at their core and make them buy from the same person over and over?
If you’ve been struggling with your business, learning new strategies can be the turnkey. Repeat business…getting people to buy from you over and over is your key to becoming financially free and owning a profitable Home-based business.

Follow the rule of Threes.

When you hear a personal report or experience about your  business or network marketing company, three consecutive times within a short period, you need to pay attention. As of the most important customer service tips, quickly diffusing and attending to customer feedback is invaluable. Regardless of the source or if it’s a positive or negative feedback, drill deep and mine that information for valuable insights for best practices or actions to avoid. Also let your team know about this information.

These excellent customer service tips , combined with a commitment to accountability, builds lasting partnerships within the business environment, strong communities (virtual or otherwise), friendship and connections that enhance our personal and professional relationships and ultimately results in customer satisfaction and a profitable Home-based business.
We deliver value by our authenticity, exceptional and excellent customer service tips or delivery do not necessarily from a script because with practice, personally sharing our services, products and experiences is what keeps us connected and our customers happy.

Learn about the attraction marketing principles that will further supplement these customer service tips and create more income streams for your home-based business.

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