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Do You Have A Financial Mantra?

Do you have a financial mantra? Do they work? Mantras are sounds, words, statements repeated to aid concentration and focus in meditation. They are prevalent in many religions, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism, but if we are not attempting to connect to a numen or “Wholly Other,” can we use mantras to connect and control financial energy?Many people use visualization tools like a vision board and daily affirmations to manifest desires […]

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Empowering African Entrepreneurs – TEEP

TEEP – Making a remarkable difference in Africa. There was a palpable buzz of excitement and nervous anticipation as TEEP applicants from across the African continent awaited the release of the list of 1000 African entrepreneurs accepted into the annual Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP). First, I must disclose (and brag) that my brother was accepted this year and my sister is one of the distinguished alumni of this […]

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Starting a Home-Based Business – Dad’s Parting Gift

Starting a Home-Based Business – The Catalyst! My entrepreneurial adventure all started when I realized that my pay check was not going to cover my Dad’s burial expenses. I was pitiful and wallowing in a deep sense of inadequacy. It was an event that no matter how long I had to prepare for it, my J.O.B couldn’t do anything for me. I had procrastinated for years, but with reality staring me […]

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57 Top MLM Companies in US & Canada -Fake Scam Alerts

The 57 Top MLM Companies in US & Canada – A Call to Stop ‘Fake’ Scam Alerts! Are you not just sick and tired of videos screaming ‘fake’ scam alerts, only to end up watching a video trying to sign you into that same MLM company? I understand it’s a leads generation strategy, but newbie marketers or struggling marketers already have enough to deal with, and these ‘wolf’ cries, in […]

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MLM Marketing Success Tips – Are You Making Any Money?

MLM/Marketing Success Tips – Are You Making Any Money? There is usually a sleepy humongous bright orange, blue and pink decorated elephant in Network Marketing Conferences and MLM presentations. It cramps the room but nobody wants to talk about it…about why over 95% of MLM Marketers in the room are NOT making any money and will eventually quit. Are you one of them? I hope not. We are marketers – […]

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Financial Milestones For Your Child: Age-by-Age Guide

Financial Milestones: How Do We Teach Children About Money? Setting and marking financial milestones for your child is as important as the physical development milestones we track with the pediatrician or the growth marks on our kitchen post because early money skills such as savings, budgeting and planning for purchases promotes financial literacy and prepares them for life on their own. Here are some financial milestones for the different ages […]

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