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Welcome to Maadan Consulting.

Good works. We facilitate partnerships and support businesses exploring exciting opportunities, with the right strategies in marketing and operations.

The focus of this marketing and financial site is to offer consultancy services, product or opportunity reviews and information about the marketing industry and financial topics. Technology and the internet has revolutionized the way we do business and this is an exciting time for entrepreneurs, international businesses and venture capitalists.

As the CEO of Maadan Consulting, I believe in infinite possibilities. We also offer writing & business consultancy services, with an emphasis on developing and sustaining partnerships between countries in North America, South America and West African Countries.

International Business and Marketing.

Marketing and doing business in developing countries has been given a bad rap and people are wary of the proliferation of get-rich-quick offers, and they should! Any entrepreneur knows that every business requires hard work and the right partnership. The basic principles behind generating new wealth and prosperity remain unchanged:

  • Leverage
  • Time and Trend Positioning
  • Compound Interest and Multiplication.

Now we can turbo-charge these elements with technology and the internet. We can help build your network and you should ONLY deal with pre-qualified and well screened partners. Customers are the life force of any successful home business, due to the natural effects of attrition on any business, our goal is to source, retain and keep growing your customer base.

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