Maadan Consulting

Good Works.

Creating Partnerships for Good Works

Empowered for wealth

Good works and the right information creates significant wealth. We strive for 100 % excellence and satisfaction.

Maadan Consulting seeks to leverage the potential of investments and business opportunities through creating partnerships for good. We provide resources and information for marketing and business operation.

Our definition of real success happens when we create partnerships mutually beneficial for all parties involved.We are committed to facilitating and unlocking the growth potential through business collaboration especially between North America and West African Countries.

At Maadan Consulting, our primary goal is more than the intersection of common objectives, but a sincere, collective determination to reach an identical purpose. Granted there is uncertainty in venturing into an unknown terrain, but our experienced principals will help local, international businesses and venture capitalists across economically variable sectors and industries to establish and grow their business in West Africa with our support and experience.

The primary industries of interest are:

  • IT and Mobile Technologies.
  • Agriculture and Agro-processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Testing, Sales, and Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Infrastructure and Energy
  • Arts, Culture and Fashion.

We will focus on strategies that work. We can succeed, if we set our minds on providing exceptional service, doing good in our business and of course, using the internet and technology to our advantage. We believe that embarking on such a venture, should also be an exciting time for your business with a clear delineation between hard work and smart work.

The world is becoming more interconnected through technology, social media, internet marketing, free-trade zones and trade opportunities. At Maadan Consulting, we help in developing clear, attainable goals, secure infrastructure, systems, retool service delivery, personnel and training to turn obstacles into opportunities.

We can work with corporate, business leaders, budding entrepreneurs to evaluate situations, offer new ideas to unearth the potential shrouded in problems. Be mentored and supported on your journey to expand and sustain your business.

Good works. At Maadan Consulting, we are committed to your success.

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